Detail:  Cranes, Warblers and Ironwood, 2007, oil on plaster and paper, 56 x 60 inches 

Bison, Stag and Horse Paintings 

Bison, stags and horses, painted with thick, impasto paint and encaustic, explore the
correspondences between ancient art and the contemporary imagination. The image is
balanced on the edge of abstraction and can be read as animal, landscape, still life or

Paintings on Paper  

Abstracted bison, stags, horses and birds created with impasto oil paint on paper.

Birds of the Silk Route Paintings

Large-scale, abstracted birds are juxtaposed with petroglyphs and plants. The images
appear and fade within layers of “strata-like” paint. The paintings depict natural and
imaginary habitats in which all life is interdependent.

Monotypes and Prints

View monotypes created with Tandem Press and Cheryl Pelavin Editions, Ltd.

The Silk Route Art Transit Map 

The Silk Route Art Transit Map with Divergent Routes, is a contemporary transit-style
map created by DuBasky that follows her travels across many of the interconnected
routes of the Silk Routes. The mapincludes twenty-three interconnected lines that branch
out from major hubs and three hundred and forty stops or stations that represent cities
and ancient sites where art flourished and new artistic styles developed.