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Selected Reviews

ARTS Magazine
Art in America
The New Yorker
Tribeca Tribune
The Washington Diplomat
The New York Times
Wood River Journal
Seattle Weekly 
Indepth Art News
The Village Voice
The Examiner
Women Artist News
New York Sun 
Carolina Arts 
Sun Vallery Express 
The Nation 
Women Artist News t

Feature Articles

Art & Antiques 
State Magazine 
Architecture and Design
in the Baltics 
Sun Valley Art 
Sun Valley Art 
Bangkok Post 
Gallery Guide
Maksla Plus  

Reproductions of Paintings in Publications

Luxe Magazine 
Christian Science Monitor 
Sciences Magazine 
Charlotte Newstand 
Southern Accents 
Sun Valley Express 

Reviews of Prints

Art in Print 
Journal of the Print World
In New York 
West Side Spirit 
Print News 
Arts Magazine 
Twenty-First Century Prints