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Detail: Winged Horse and Figures, 2017, oil on plaster and paper, 30.5 x 33 inches 

The Silk Route Art Transit Map 

The Silk Route Art Transit Map with Divergent Routes by artist Valentina DuBasky is a contemporary transit-style map that follows DuBasky’s travels across many of the  interconnected Silk Routes where she researched Buddhist cave paintings and ancient art to prepare for her own “modern-day, cave-wall paintings and prints.” The map includes twenty-three interconnected lines that branch out from major hubs, and three hundred and forty stops that represent cities and ancient sites where art flourished and new artistic styles developed. The map was created in Adobe Illustrator and printed as a limited edition, archival, giclée print on Hahnemuhle rag paper.

(Image Size: 21.5 x 38 inches; Paper Size: 27.5 x 45 inches, 2018)