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Artist's Statement

The large and medium sized paintings of totemic horses, bison, stags and birds have been inspired by my travels along the Silk Routes in China, India, Central and Southeast Asia where I researched Buddhist cave paintings and ancient art to prepare for my own “modern-day, cave-wall paintings.” Painted with oil paint on canvas, or mixed-media on plaster, the abstracted images are juxtaposed with petroglyphs and symbols. In the large-scale paintings of the Birds of the Silk Routes, images appear and fade within layers of “strata-like” paint that suggest different states of “being-there,” Refering to a variety of habitats, the paintings suggest a natural ecosystem in which all life is interdependent.

In the paintings of horses, bison and stags, I explore the correspondences between ancient art and the contemporary imagination. The image is balanced on the edge of abstraction and can be read as animal, landscape, still life or abstraction. The subconscious and imaginative processes express a spontaneous visual vocabulary, enhansed by a dialogue with the concerns of contemporary art.

My worik includes paintings, prints, drawings, research-based art projects, and installations.

(Detail: Spotted Horse in Claret Field, 2016, oil on canvas 22 x 30 inches)