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Artist Statement

My paintings explore horses, birds, and landscape subjects.

My paintings of horses, bison and stags explore the correspondences between ancient, 
totemic art and the contemporary imagination. The single-animal images are positioned
on the edge of abstraction and can be read as animal, still life, landscape or abstraction.
These paintings begin with color-- persimmon, claret, amber, sienna and rust. Using
impasto paint, large areas of color and gestural marks, the paintings shift between the
energy of the animal, the activity of the brush strokes, and the emotional and
contemplative resonance of color.

In some of the paintings, winged horses, bison, birds and figures, inspired by the
relationship between myth, totemic art and the unconscious mind, are painted in oil paint
on plaster. Marks are incised in plaster and brushed on, in, and over the surface to
combine with gestural brush marks, washes, stains, drips and erasures. The image
transforms into abstraction.

In the large-scale Riverbirds and Rainforest series, birds juxtaposed with petroglyphs
and plants appear and disappear within layers of paint to suggest a wide array of
wetland and rainforest habitats and a natural ecosystem in which all life is
interdependent. The paintings are inspired by my travels along the Silk Route where
I researched Buddhist cave paintings.

In the paintings where landscape become the subject, bending trees, botanical imagery
and imaginary plants blend with rivers and sea to depict the luminous qualities of light.

In the abstract paintings, cave-wall surfaces become “sites” for visual discovery. Using
plaster and paint on panel as a modern-day fresco technique, these paintings suggest a
landscape of the human imagination.