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Feature Articles


“Rain Clouds: Valentina DuBasky at Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts“, The New York Sun, On The Town, May 18; Color reproduction: Riverbank Late Afternoon, 2006


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 “Artists and Their Art Go Abroad”, State Magazine, December; Color reproduction: Heron, Warbler and Milkweed, 1991 No. 464, January


Ash, Elizabeth; “The Art of Visual Diplomacy”, State Magazine, No. 464, January  

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Bailey, Susan; “Western Explorers Meet Explorations on Canvas and Film”, Seattle Wood River Journal, August 2; 2000; Color reproduction: Forest Site with River & Orchids, 2000

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Cohrs, Timothy; “Hudson River Editions, Pelavin Editions-A Report Back from the Other World of Printmaking”, Arts Magazine, November; Color reproduction: Stag/Red Meander, 1985

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