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Valentina DuBasky has presented illustrated llectures on her art and travels at the Chazen Art Museum, Hillwood Art Museum, United States Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, National Academy of Sciences, Art Academy of Latvia, and Silpakorn University Art Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Silk Route Art Transit Map with Divergent Routes
Valentina DuBasky discusses The Silk Route Art Transit Map with Divergent Routes, a contemporary transit-style map she created that follows her travels across the interconnected Silk Routes. Through the map, DuBasky envisions artistic exchange in the ancient world as lines, hubs, stops, stations and transfer points that linked great cities, artistic centers, overlapping spheres of artistic influences, and ancient sites. The map includes twenty-four interconnected lines that branch out from major hubs and three hundred and seventy stops that represent cities where art flourished and new artistic styles developed. Transfer points link pathways of artistic transmission and smaller stops represent ancient sites. (1 hour, includes Q&A)

Modern-day, Cave-wall Paintings
Valentina DuBasky discusses the development of her art and describes her travels on the Silk Route where she researched Buddhist cave paintings and ancient art. Audiences see the ancient sites that inspired DuBasky’s paintings, including the Shekhawati open-air frescoes in India, the Sharmasay petroglyphs in Uzbekistan and the Dunhuang caves in China. (1 hour, includes Q&A)

Valentina DuBasky Paintings and the Art of the Silk Routes in India 
Valentina DuBasky discusses her trip to the Indian Himalayas through the Fulbright Specialist Program, and her creative response to the ancient and historical art of the Silk Routes in India that led to a new series of paintings. (1 hour, includes Q&A)

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