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Reproductions | Paintings in Publications

Kernan, Catherine; Rooney, E Ashley; Einstein, Laura G; and Oresman, Janice; Singular & Series: Contemporary Monotype and Monoprint, Schiffer Publishing, 2019; Color reproductions: Adagio Mountain Birds, 2013, Blue Meadow with Amber Birds, 2013, Cliff Site with Red Heron, 2013, Allegro Mountain Birds, 2013, and Rhythm Mountain Birds, 2013 

International Journal of Visual Arts, Studies and Communication, Volume 20; Number 20; publisher Dr. Shekhar Chandra Joshi, Almora, Uttarakhand, India; Front and back cover color reproductions: Stag in Blue Field, 2014, reproductions: Kali/ Black Madonna, 1998 and Valley of Flowers, 2015 

Walsh, Mary;  Kinetiv: Highlights from the Polsinelli Art Collection; Color reproduction Amber Birds with Indigo Mountain, 2013

Hayes, Linda; “Tall Order,”  Luxe Magazine: Interiors + Design Pacific Northwest Edition, Issue 1, Vol. 8, Winter; Color reproduction: River Fragments Grey Bird, 1990

The Lakeville Journal, August 10; Reproduction: Eurasian Steppe Horse, 2004

The National Academies Press/ Trade Offerings; publisher Joseph Henry Press, Color reproduction: Cranes, Warblers and Ironwood, 2003
The National Academies Press/ New and Forthcoming Books, publisher Joseph Henry Press; Color reproduction: Shore Site, 2005

Seely, Christopher; Southern Voice, October 11; Color reproduction: Yellow Bird in Grey Field, 2002

Idaho Mountain Express, Arts & Events Sun Valley, August 2; Color reproduction: Forest Site with Spotted Stag, 2000

The Sciences Magazine, Volume 39, No. 4, July/August; Color reproduction: Pond Site, 1999

“Hodges Taylor Gallery is Moving”, Carolina Arts, Vol. 1, No. 9; Color reproduction: Red Spotted Horse, 1997 

Southern Accents Charlotte; Color reproduction Red Horse/ Split, 1997

Christian Science Monitor, November 23; Color reproduction: Heron Cove, 1990

The Menniger Perspective, Issue No. 3; Color reproduction: Eastern Quarter, 1991

Ms Magazine, poster publication; Color reproduction: Heron Cove, 1990

The Pollock Krasner Foundation Annual Report; Reproduction: Strata, 1984

Legacy Foundation; Color reproduction: Good Medicine, monoprint,1996 

“The Ancestor that Wasn’t”, The Sciences Magazine, March/April; Color reproduction: Back to Back, 1984

The Newark Museum Annual Report, Reproduction: Bucks Country, 1983

Maenad Magazine, Reproduction: Spotted Bison, and four paintings, 1980

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