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“Selected New Editions”, ART IN PRINT, March-April, 2014, Color Reproduction Cliff Site with Red Heron, monoprint, 2013

“New Editions”, Journal of the Print World, April/May/June, 2014, Color Reproduction Amber Birds with Indigo Mountain, monoprint, 2013 

Erin Szeto-Chan, In New York, July, 2008, Color Reproduction Tiger Orchid/ Sri Lanka, monoprint, 2001

Meri Marimo, Twenty-First Century Prints, August, 1992, Color Reproduction River Edge, monoprint, 1990

“New Editions”, Print News: International Journal of Contemporary Prints, Spring, 1988, Color Reproduction Ragtime Hart, monoprint,1985

Tom Beller, “Ancient Art Comes Alive”, West Side Spirit, July14, 1986, Color reproductions Leaping Brindled Stag, 1984 and Ragtime Hart, 1984

Ronny Cohen, “New Editions”, ARTnews, April, 1984, Color Reproduction Dune Horse/Starry Night, lithograph, 1984

“New Editions”, The Print Collectors Newsletter, July-August, 1984, Color reproductions Claret Stag in Plum Field, 1984 and Leaping Brindled Stag, etchings, 1984

“New Editions”, The Print Collectors Newsletter, 1983, Color Reproduction: Dune Horse/Starry Night, 1983

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