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Often described as “modern-day, cave-wall paintings,” Valentina DuBasky’s bison, birds, botanicals and abstract works are inspired by her travels along the Silk Routes in China, India, Central and Southeast Asia where she researched Buddhist cave paintings and ancient art. 

Valentina DuBasky’s Horse, Bison and Stag Paintings, created with layers of thick impasto paint, explore the correspondences between ancient art and the contemporary imagination. Pitched on the edge of abstraction, these paintings can be read as animal, abstraction, landscape or still life. DuBasky’s Abstract Paintings are inspired by the colors of birds and animals. In her large-scale Waterbirds paintings, images of birds are juxtaposed with petroglyphs and symbols within layers of “strata-like” paint and suggest a natural ecosystem in which all life is interdependent. Her large-scale Landscape and Silk Route Garden paintings depict bending trees, plants and shimmering light found in both the wild places and cultivated gardens of the Silk Routes.

Special projects include the Materica Medica series that features botanicals from the Silk Routes painted on silk and plaster, and Cartographies, featuring imaginary and persuasive cartography and maps of presence and absence. Additional projects include monotypes, and portfolios of gouache and watercolor paintings. 

Valentina DuBasky
New York, NY, 2020

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